Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just wanted to thank each and every person who left a message in my comments section. I never blogged in my life before starting this adoption journey. It is unreal the amount of support and love that the adoption community has for one another. Everyday, I get excited when I see a new post go in my comments section. The support this community has is like no other. The majority of us have never met and possibly never will (in person). One thing is for certain, we always have each other to lean on. I am excited beyond belief tonight that I may actually see my daughters face tomorrow. Actually my hands can't stop shaking and my knees won't stop wobbling. Tomorrow you'll just hear the thump as I'm falling through your screen while looking at my daughters face.

Can't wait to share Olivia's picture with each and every one of you in our cyberspace world of adoption. Please don't make me go through the weekend, please let it come through tomorrow. I CAN"T TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER!!!!

Big cyber hugs from the nutbar in Alliston


The stork is in the AIR!!!!

O.K I admit I was up all night waiting for the stork to take flight!! The moral of the story - who cares that I'm tired cause OUR BABY IS COMING, OUR BABY IS COMING!!!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The banana bread boo hoo's

So here I am 10:45 at night mixing up a batch of banana bread. I got so tired of looking at the CCAA and RQ website that I decided to actually do something productive. You should have seen Kirk's face when he saw what I was doing. Those of you who know me know that my domestic duties are not high on the list.... So now here I sit, banana bread in oven and have the boo hoo's going on. I'm depressed with no news, no news at all. It's just crazy this month. Usually we have some sort of rumor going around. This month, the most important month for Olivia there is NATTA! I guess we'll just have to wait for the stork to land before we get word.

I'll be up for another hour at least waiting for the oven to ding, so I guess I'll join the rest of the RQ groupies on line.

Here's hoping for some good news by morning!


Game Time

O.K so I'm gong to depend on cbyer and non cyber frinends here to keep me sane throughout this weight. Our agency is saying Friday or Saturday for referals. Let's guess on Olivia. I've attached a map so you can guess her province.

Can you tell I'm needing ANYTHING to get me through the "minutes" Never mind days or hours , I'm having trouble by the minute!



Chinese Name:

Orphange or Foster Care:

Physical description:

Energy Level:

Gotta pass the waiting time somehow.......


The stork is MIA!!!!

He's missing in action. What the heck is going on??? Usually by now we hear multiple cut off dates and where the stork has landed. Spain usually brings a glimmer of hope, but natta this month. I am going absolutlely insane waiting to see if we actually made the cut off. Rumor has it that the cut off date is Sep 7. Our LID is Sep 7 so I am extremely nervous to say the least. Our agency sent an email saying the were "confiedent" that we would see our referral by the end of the week, but we all know nothing is written in stone. I have been bouncing off the walls and CANNOT relax. I looked at Kirk last night and being a guys - he's lying on the couch cool as a cucumber watching TV. I asked him to teach me how to be calm and he just laughed. If you knew me..........

I was thinking about going to the hospital and asking for some morophine to knock me out till Friday. Hey, don't you think this is a good excuse for drugs????

Well its taking me a couple mintues to type this up which means its been a couple mintues since being on RQ hitting refresh.

ta ta for now - will post later if a glimmer "anything" surfaces in cyberspace


Monday, November 27, 2006

Anybody see my baby??


Sunday, November 26, 2006

What a shame

So over the last 2 years I have heard lots of opinions on how people feel about our adoption. The one comment that rings in my ear the loudest is "what a shame". I have heard that one a couple times. They have said what a shame that I'll never experience pregnancy. The first time I heard it, I was a bit taken back and didn't really have any sort of response. The most recent time I heard it, I responded with yes it is a shame. It's a shame that more people in the world are not going to get the opportunity to have this experience of a lifetime. Let's face it, we have the opportunity to go to another country on the other side of the world and take in the smells and sights of a miracle right before our eyes. The most beautiful part is that it is happening to us. Pregnancy is something that the majority of the mass popluation experience either through their own experiences or through family and friends. I have been by several family members and friends while the experience pregnancy and the birth of their child.

I am about to encounter an adoption experience that is not even close to being a part of the mass populations life.......... WHAT A SHAME........


Saturday, November 25, 2006


THis just in................ my neighbours friends sister was talking to a girls co-worder who is adopting from China. She knows a teacher at her college that is from China. He heard that someone from China was running accross the steet from the CCAA yelling out a cut off date of Sep 30......

What? don't think its reliable enough to post on


Weekends SUCK!!

I never thought I'd ever make a comment like that! You guys and gals know what I'm talking about and the ones who don't are obviously not a RQ/adoption blog stalker.....

Kirk got sent to the hospital yesterday from work with a swolen hand. It was bigger than anything I have ever seen on his body before (oops hope kirk doesn't read Anway, it ended up being a pretty serious infection from something getting in his hand and into his bloodstream. We had to hike it back over to the hospital this morning for another IV treatment. He has to go again tomorrow and then the doc will re-asses. Kirk NEVER complains about anything and he said its pretty painful. For him to say something hurts means I'd be on morphine by now. I must say he does look very uncomfortable though. He can't even move/lift his hand its so painful. He never got much sleep last night with the needle still in his hand for the IV drip. I just gave him some motrin and tucked him into bed like a little child. I guess this is good practice. Hope too many hospital trips aren't in our future though.

Anyway, back to what I was saying I HATE WEEKENDS!!! Would somebody please do me a favor and start making rumors up in my blog.........give me something here.......... I"M ADDICTED TO MY COMPUTER!!!!!!

LID: Sep 7 and soooooo hoping for referral!


Friday, November 24, 2006

When when when???

I heard from our agency again this morning. They said that referrals should arrive towards the end of next week or early the following week. ARRRRRR! I have been so excited the last couple days I was hoping for Monday or Tuesday. It's going to be one loooooong weekend with no rumours floating around. I can't believe its so close. I kinda gave up on getting excited the last few months and now that the time is actually here I'm a one hyper mama in waiting. Kirk has kept pretty calm up until last night. I think reality is finally setting in for both of us. Now just to make it through the weekend without pulling all my hair out!
LMAO!!!! Somebody emailed me and asked was this picture Kirk. I can't stop laughing!!!!! No its not but he's pretty dam appealing isn't he???? There's a picture of me and Kirk on the blog sidebar.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Agency News

So I took the gamble last night and emailed my agency. I never in a million years expected any kind of "real" answer. They usually say they don't know anything. I was presently surprised with their response

"We know that matching has begun, although we do not yet know the cut off date. I do not think that they are going to match the whole month of September, although I believe that they will match up to the 7th or 8th at a minimum. I am confident that Group 244 will receive their referrals with the next batch, although you know that I cannot guarantee it!"

Yippeeee!!!!!! I think its really happening. we will soon see Olivia's little face.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I interupt this blog for a very important announcement!!!

RUMOUR QUEEN rocks this morning! She started off our day with some dam good news! She has a couple agencies reporting that China will be sending out referrals for ALL of September. This means we are going to see Olivia's face very very soon. I can't believe it! My fingers can't keep up with my excitement here. I just called Kirk and he said, don't get excited but WHO THE HECK IS HE KIDDING!! RQ is just as good as CCAA saying our baby is on the way.

Put on your seatbelts folks and get ready for the ride!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

China babies

Dawn from B.C found this video clip of some babies in an orphanage in China. I'm going INSANE tonight just searching for some type of referral rumour. Looking at this clip really hit home knowing that Olivia is actually in a place just like this right now. COME ON REFERRALS!!!!! We want to get Olivia out of there.


Dreaming of CRUSIN!!!

Well for the past 2 years I have been enjoying the hot sun of the Caribbean about now. My family is all going on a cruise again this year but I have bigger and better things happening :-) I must say though with no rumours on the go this wait is driving me INSANE! I started going through my cruise pictures trying to think of something positive. Here's a few of my pics that I'm daydreaming about. Now come on rumours and give me something else to dwell on!!

Create Your Own


Wish I was crusin!

Calling all bloggers!

I am totally lost here. I'm trying to create a slide show in rock you to post in my blog. When I pull the code from rock you and then post it in my blog, I get this error

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken: (with code to follow)

I am posting the code right in this white section as if I am just typing out a post. Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong? If you click on my title "WISH I WAS CRUSIN" it comes up no problem but that's cause I posted it in links. I'm at a loss here. I just want it to come up on my blog without it being a link :-(


Going crazy here (must have lost some marbles in the twilight zone last night)


Twilight Zone

So I was stalking the internet last night as I usually do and the lights went out. They made a loud zapping noise and then snapped off. About 2 minutes later the stove started beeping and then the lights came back on like they were lightly dimmed. I then tried to type on my lifeline and it wouldn't work (not good). A few minutes later the TV started beeping and the dimmed lights started flashing - that's when Kirk walked through the door. I was madly looking for the flashlight just in case it turned to a true blackout. Kirk ate supper (yes I actually cooked) Nahhh who am I kidding - it was a frozen lasagna that I just shoved in the oven for 2 hours..... Anyway after we ate our gourmet dinner, we decided to take a drive to see what was happening. There were houses up and down the streets that had no lights and then some dim like ours. We decided to go up main street and everything was dark except the store signs. Some of them were flashing and some were half on, others were off all together. There was no consistancy what so ever. I have heard of brown outs before, but this was the first time in my life experiencing one. I swear it was like the twilight zone. I'd take a black out over a brown out anyday. I was expecting weird creepy things to happen all night. O.k o.k something weird did happen - since there was no TV I did the wifely duty thing. All in all, went to sleep woke up and my lifeline was back up and running - phew wouldn't want to do that everynight......


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Refresh refresh refresh

It's quite obvious we have a mommie in waiting here. She found the need to refresh the RQ computer site while on the


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Trip of a lifetime

On the travel channel, Trip of a Lifetime there is going to be a show about a couple who adopted from China and then go back 2 years later for a trip of a lifetime. I must be blind, but can't see the damm date or time it is on. If you open the link and see it, please let this blurry headed mama to be in on it!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Needing a Laugh

This should meake you smile. Can't wait to here those little stomach giggles for real.
Just click on "Needing a Laugh" It is just too cute!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silence in Rumourville

Well its usually about this time of the month when the rumours start floating around. We usually here how many referrals and up to what date the CCAA is going to send out referrals. Most months I watch it very carefully but this month I am stalking everyone and anything that mentions China adoptions. There is a wonderful person in our cyberspace world of Chinese adoption that gathers up all rumours and tally's them up to put on a website just for me to stare at for hours (yes she is doing it just for me this month....)Her last report on predictions indicates that China will be sending its stork with referrals anywhere up to Sep 8-11. This is music to my ears as our LID is Sep 7. Do you know what this means????? Olivia's picture can actually already be matched to our file and sitting on someone's desk in China. I am telling you people, I am all giddy here thinking about it! I am kind of feeling this month like I did when we first started the adoption process - "hopeful".

All I can say is stay tuned folks as the stork just might be coming to Alliston in the next couple weeks :-)


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Wishes Quilt

Just wanted to thank all our family and friends that contributed to Olivia's good wishes quilt. I made it myself so its not that professional...... It is made with love and something that she will hopefully have forever. I took all the good wishes with a piece of your fabric and put it in a scrapbook. Now she can look back one day and read who gave which piece. It is such a special gift that you all gave to bring this quilt together.

A great big thank you:

Aunt Frances, Clyde & Ginette Johnson, Bernie Sullivan (social worker), The Hinchberger Family, Russell & Lisa Peeples, Mike & Karen Carmody, Rob & Carolyn Lauzen, Holly Ewing, Alison Labarge & family, Cassandra, Dean & Michael Ingram, Aunt Vivian, Winsor family, Louise Ballum, Auntie Leah Hackett, Corrina Courtney, Walsh family, Candace Duval & Family, Krista & Rob Crummell, Lorraine Lockyer, Flo Peach, Mary Deir, Tanya, Mark, Jordan & Mitchell White, Shelly,Mike Winsor & kids, Tammy Duhaime, Verlie Green, Aunt Helen & Uncle Perc, Leslie & Mark Osbourne, Lori, Richard & Logan Bragg, Auntie Betty (uncle George), Cindy, Rob Fitzgerald & Kids, Joan & Gerry Williams, Casey Matthews, Cathy, Lyle & Rylee Hall, Jennifer & Victor, Auntie Kim, Uncle Ira & Kids, Bonnie & Dave Brentall & Kids, Aunt Nicie, Nanny's friend Carol, Nanny Ingram (Poppy George & Great Nanny Ingram), Tim Laye, Sherry & Peter Head, Donna, Avery & Stephanie Chin, Sharon A, Natalie Slade, Auntie Jess & Uncle Walt Slade, mommy and daddy.

I'm sure you all can figure out which one daddy contributed.......


Saturday, November 04, 2006


This is a very empowering video of a birthmom in China giving her child away for a better life. Get out the tisssue........


On Cloud 9

Well its referral week and this is ALWAYS and exciting time. I am extremely excited this week as a couple down home got their referral. Click here and you can see their beautiful new daughter. I think it is really starting to hit home for both of us now that it really might actually happen this month. The CCAA has given out small batches of referrals in the past so we are a little nervous to get to excited. Please keep all your prayers and good wishes that we are next. Let's hope within the next 4 weeks we'll see Olivia's little face up on this screen. Well a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Robertson's on their new daughter and baby sister to Hannah! Another little newfie is on the way :-)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

August 25th it is!

Surprise surprise! China surprised us with the cut off date as Aug 25th. Yipeeeeee. This only means one thing WE ARE NEXT! Our LID is Sep 7 so fingers crossed everyone that we get to see Olivia's cute little face the end of November.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Rumour has it that the good old stork is finally in the air. Some of the US agencies are indicating that referrals will be arriving tomorrow. Our agency is still saying next week for our folks in waiting. Let's play out the rest of this ride and see what happens. If the stork does bring as many as he is suppose to bring - WE ARE NEXT (can't wipe the huge smile off my face saying that one)