Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Twilight Zone

So I was stalking the internet last night as I usually do and the lights went out. They made a loud zapping noise and then snapped off. About 2 minutes later the stove started beeping and then the lights came back on like they were lightly dimmed. I then tried to type on my lifeline and it wouldn't work (not good). A few minutes later the TV started beeping and the dimmed lights started flashing - that's when Kirk walked through the door. I was madly looking for the flashlight just in case it turned to a true blackout. Kirk ate supper (yes I actually cooked) Nahhh who am I kidding - it was a frozen lasagna that I just shoved in the oven for 2 hours..... Anyway after we ate our gourmet dinner, we decided to take a drive to see what was happening. There were houses up and down the streets that had no lights and then some dim like ours. We decided to go up main street and everything was dark except the store signs. Some of them were flashing and some were half on, others were off all together. There was no consistancy what so ever. I have heard of brown outs before, but this was the first time in my life experiencing one. I swear it was like the twilight zone. I'd take a black out over a brown out anyday. I was expecting weird creepy things to happen all night. O.k o.k something weird did happen - since there was no TV I did the wifely duty thing. All in all, went to sleep woke up and my lifeline was back up and running - phew wouldn't want to do that everynight......



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