Monday, January 28, 2008

Playdate with Hailey

Last weekend I got to see my Chinese sister Hailey who just turned 2 TODAY!! Happy Birthday Hailey.

We had so much fun and went to Chucky Cheese. We chased each other, shared rides together, played bowling and she even shared her mom with me to watch Chucky do his song and dance. It was alot of fun. My mom tells me I get to see her again this coming weekend when I go to see lots of my Chinese sisters and brothers. Ohhhhh I'm so excited.

Here's a few pics from our day!

Ah, you might of beat me this time but your older than me, time will catch up and then who will beat who....tee,hee

WOW Hailey, how'd you do that????

Let's get this thing moving girlfriend.

Look its chucky!!! Thanks for sharing your mom Haliey.

A girls gotta wear shades. Check out the cool valentine shades Hailey gave me. She's always spoiling me with lots of gifts.

And after a long day, I relaxed on the couch with a little bit of good ole ELMO tele! (how many times can a toddler watch the same Elmo movie ????)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For all my mama's in waiting!

After the bad news flowing around on Friday, I figured everyone could use this.

I grabbed this from a chat room about two years ago when I was in the dreaded "wait" I'm not sure who posted it but man was she bang on. I adjusted the timeline a bit to represent what people are going through now. I hope you get out of it what I did during the wait. People who have not been through an adoption just don't get it!

FUMING over the whole adoption thing! Ticked off
at the following (in no particular order):

-Every 16 year old can have a baby and I can't.
-I have to spend about $25,000 to "have" a baby.
-I have to prove myself worthy financially, police-wise, education
wise, medically, etc., to a social worker who doesn't give a damn
about me and loves my wallet.
-I have to wait 2 years to hear about my baby
-I don’t look pregnant, even though I'm just as excited as any pregnant woman
-I don’t qualify for equal parental/mat leave
-my child isn't covered for medical expenses in China
-my child has to apply to be a citizen of Canada
-my child has to wait on some government employee to feel she's worthy of them reviewing her "automatic" citizenship application
-I paid $925 for each of my childrens' files to be reviewed in 8 weeks by some government of Ontario employee who didn't give a damn about me or my family
-I could have made a substantial down payment on a university fund for each kid with the money I spent "having" them
-I had to pay for fertility treatments, but my group plan would pay for me to avoid getting pregnant
-I had to wait many months just to get an appointment at the fertility clinic in the first place
-I felt degraded and dehumanized by the fertility treatments
-Even though I was born and raised in Canada and my child is constitutionally supposed to be guaranteed to be treated as an equal to a bio child, I'll likely spend my lifetime explaining my blonde hair and their lovely almond-shaped eyes
-OHIP covers birth costs and every penny after a baby is born, but no one wants to reimburse the cost of the medical exams in Beijing
-having people feel they are entitled to ask very personal questions of me and child just because we are visibly different
-having to prove myself still worthy 6 and 12 months after adoption, unlike any other mother who would be the mother from hell and still keep her child
-I had to pay that same social worker for each of those follow up reports
-I couldn't do the fundamentally basic function of getting pregnant

There, that rant should make you feel better

Get's healthy and will keep your adrenaline flowing as you
wait. Get even. Become an advocate if that helps you deal with your anger, or just bask in're entitled to be mad.



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008 Love Olivia and Ashlyn

Olivia's friend Ashlyn came over for some play time today. They are so cute together. Olivia calls Ashyln - "Aleen" and Ashlyn calls Olivia - "friend".They play, they fight but best of all they laugh together. I couldn't think of a better way for Olivia to start off her New Year. They have been stuck together at the hip since our holiday's started. Ashlyn even came to church with us on Christmas Eve.

Click on picture to enlarge

AND HERE IS HOW WE SPENT OUR NEW YEARS EVE!! Even fireworks wouldn't beat those giggles.