Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Blackberry required

I'm telling you, Olivia will soon need her own blackberry to keep going. Last weekend was super crazy and then again this weekend. We started it off with Gymanastics in the morning on Saturday, then a bike ride with a friend and her daughter. After that, she had 2 (yes 2) birthday parties to go to. We went to the first one at Chuck E Cheeses where she had sooooo much fun. That place is super stimulating for the kids and super crazy busy for the parents ***grin***. We then had about a 2 hour drive to her cousins birthday party and still managed to make it before all the kids were gone. It worked out that it was a later party. We ended up spending the night with 5 wired kids on sugar for the night and eventually made it home sometime on Sunday. Oh ya and it was my birthday on Saturday. I couldn't have spent my birthday any better way than watching Olivia having fun.

Oh ya: When we got home, our neighbours had put Happy Birthday Deb right accross my driveway with chalk and a great big fall mum at my front door. I have the best neighbours in the world!!!

Here's a few pics from her busy weekend.

Olivia with cousins (Danielle,Kira,Hannah & Hailey)

Me and Ms. Olivia

Keelan and his mom Lisa (my cousin)


Friday, September 21, 2007

Sofie Stergianis Workshop

Just wanted to let everyone know that Kirk, Olivia and I are going to be a guest speaker at Sofie Stergianis Seminar next week (Sep 29th). If anyone is going from blogland, I would love to meet you and of coarse show off munchkin!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So much fun last weekend!

Well it was a busy one so I'll let the video/pics tell the story!

We started off my Saturday morning with my very first gymnastics class ever. I loved it and mom and dad say I'm a real dare devil.

We then drove to Ajax to watch my daddy in a hockey tournament. After that I went shopping with mommy and Nanny Jess. Then when we got home my cousin Natalie was so excited to play with me.

Then on Sunday I got to go meet my special friend Jillian. She lives close to me so we get to do things together.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You go girl!!

This is too funny! I guess this is what I get to look forward to in a year or so.....


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summer has come and gone!

O.K folks, I'm FINALLY going to do some updates on Olivia's blog. Thanks for all the emails asking how monkey is doing and that you miss us on line. The last 2 months have been busy busy. Olivia is now running all over the place and is really getting quite the humor on her. She is in daycare and the teachers tell us she's the class clown. She spends time making sounds and all the other kids gather around her laughing and then she does it some more. She is just as funny at home, always trying to get us laughing. Just like in the last video we posted, she's still dancing up a storm with the new jig. She now stomps her one foot down when she hear's the music. She is starting to talk and attempts to say every word we tell her. She can say Daddy really clear but still refused to call me mommy. She says plain as day "Deb". When Kirk tells her to go see mommy she runs right to me, but thinks its funny calling me Deb. Trust me I've tried every bit of bribary just to hear that sweet little word "mommy" but nope my little ham is set on "Deb".

She is the absolute pride and joy of our lives, and we just can't imagine life without her. She has had a couple fevers throughout the summer and that was hard, but thanks to Auntie Betty and the late nights for us, she has come out just as good as ever once recovered. O.K enough with the chitter chatter, on with the pics. I'll try to post the summer in a glance (which means sifter through about 20000 pictures) Yep, I have a tad bit of an addiction to the trigger on my camera.

My first Canada Day Fireworks - snuggling with Daddy

And to think I was 25 before I touched a computer......

Canada's Wonderland

Cowboy had ready for my First Local Parade

Pool Party with Chinese Sisters and brothers

Auntie Betty gave me my first purse. I was really sick with an eye infection and she took really good care of me.

Me and my best friend Ashley (she lives only 3 doors down)