Saturday, November 04, 2006

On Cloud 9

Well its referral week and this is ALWAYS and exciting time. I am extremely excited this week as a couple down home got their referral. Click here and you can see their beautiful new daughter. I think it is really starting to hit home for both of us now that it really might actually happen this month. The CCAA has given out small batches of referrals in the past so we are a little nervous to get to excited. Please keep all your prayers and good wishes that we are next. Let's hope within the next 4 weeks we'll see Olivia's little face up on this screen. Well a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Robertson's on their new daughter and baby sister to Hannah! Another little newfie is on the way :-)



Blogger The Carmodys said...

Hey Deb - can you believe that a lady at our church has friends from NFLD that are also adopting from China and they got their referral last week. Guess what? It's the Robertson's! What a cool coincidence that is!


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