Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silence in Rumourville

Well its usually about this time of the month when the rumours start floating around. We usually here how many referrals and up to what date the CCAA is going to send out referrals. Most months I watch it very carefully but this month I am stalking everyone and anything that mentions China adoptions. There is a wonderful person in our cyberspace world of Chinese adoption that gathers up all rumours and tally's them up to put on a website just for me to stare at for hours (yes she is doing it just for me this month....)Her last report on predictions indicates that China will be sending its stork with referrals anywhere up to Sep 8-11. This is music to my ears as our LID is Sep 7. Do you know what this means????? Olivia's picture can actually already be matched to our file and sitting on someone's desk in China. I am telling you people, I am all giddy here thinking about it! I am kind of feeling this month like I did when we first started the adoption process - "hopeful".

All I can say is stay tuned folks as the stork just might be coming to Alliston in the next couple weeks :-)



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