Friday, February 16, 2007

Bringing Olivia home - IT HAPPENED!

We did it!! Olivia is finally home. I must admit that I never thought the day would come. I remember the hours upon hours of stalking adoption blogs and thinking how lucky the ones with babies are. Well now, we are lucky ones too. Olivia is adjusting well with Nanny. She gives her lots of smiles and giggles but has yet to show her her screaming middle of the night fits. I guess that's because when Olivia woke up 1am this morning me and mudder got up with her and played. That's right folkes were were playing with all here new exciting toys from 1 - 5 this monring when she finally decided to sleep. Kirk was such a good husbande to me today and let me sleep for about 3 hours this afternoon. I feel like I have been to a spa and back. Who ever thought sleep was a luxury. Nanny had a bouquet a balllons when she met us at the airport and Olivia just loves them. I put a little clip in of her playing with them at about 3 this morning (Auntie Cathy brought more today so now she has even more to play with). She is such a little angel and we are soooooooo in love. It is just really nice to actually have her home. I'm sure her schedule will be off for a little while but hopefully within the next few weeks we'll get it figured out. She didn't take her bottle before bed tonight so I'm expecting her up again before the night is over. She just went down about 30 minutes ago though so maybe she'll sleep right through.

Thank you to everyone who made comments on our blog while in China. Kirk and I enjoyed reading them everynight after Olivia went to sleep. I hope they still keep coming. It's always nice to get that on going support. I will try my best to get some home pictures of her the next couple days and post her in her "Forever family" home.



Blogger Lisa and Doug said...

Welcome Home! I have loved seeing all the pictures and videos of Olivia. She is absolutely amazing and adorable!

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